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Request for Cancellation of PlusOne Membership

  1. I would like to request for an immediate termination of my PlusOne membership.
  1. I understand that my request will result in a complete cancellation of my PlusOne membership and my participation under the PlusOne Loyalty Programme; and my PlusOne member account will no longer be valid for use to earn and redeem PlusOne points, EZ Credits and/or S-Coins. Any accumulated PlusOne points, EZ Credits and S-Coins remaining in my account will all be forfeited by the Company; and the remaining additional warranty on my purchase will also be cancelled.

  1. I accept and agree with the cancellation and forfeiture by the Company. I acknowledge that the cancellation and forfeiture is a reasonable consideration where the T&C is the fundamental requirement to be a PlusOne member. I unconditionally and irrevocably waive any and all claims against the Company in these regards. I shall have no rights to claim for or receive any refund, compensation or any reimbursement from the Company in whatsoever circumstances.

  1. I understand that the cancellation of my PlusOne membership and account is an irreversible process and the cancelled PlusOne membership and account cannot be reinstated in any way whatsoever.

  1. I hereby confirm that:-

  1. During my PlusOne membership application, I have already been advised by the Company and have been made aware of the T&C to be a PlusOne member; and
  2. I have agreed to the T&C imposed by the Company, including the right of the Company to make changes to the T&C from time to time at their absolute discretion.
  1. In relation to the changes made to the T&C, I further confirm that:-

  1. I have received sufficient notice from the Company;
  2. I have carefully read and fully understood the T&C;.
  3. I aware that I have the right to seek clarification or explanation from the Company on the T&C if I do not understand or have any queries;
  4. I aware that the changes to the T&C will apply to each current PlusOne Member;
  5. I aware that if a PlusOne Member does not agree to the changes, he/she has the option to contact your Company via phone call or by submitting this Cancellation Notice;
  6. the Company had advised me of my rights for not accepting the T&C;
  7. I have been given sufficient time to respond to the T&C; and
  8. I terminate my PlusOne membership voluntarily.
  1. With this notice, please proceed to cancel my PlusOne membership.